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We are looking for the most beautiful “Painting for Fenix”

Beauty is a volatile illusion. It demands amazement and admiration. We all have an idea of what beauty is, but each of us perceives it differently. Come admire beauty with us and help select the most beautiful “Painting for Fenix”.
The paintings for the contest were selected by some of the most influential personalities of Czech culture (František Kinský, Michal Horáček, Katherine Kastner, Lucia Lettenmayerová, and Denisa Kujelová). They nominated 70 paintings painted by primary, secondary, and art schools students from all over the Czech Republic, who donated their paintings in order to do a good deed and support ParaCENTRUM Fenix.

Voting will take place on our Facebook page throughout the month of May. The paintings are divided into two categories – younger students (age: 5-11) and older students (age: 12-18). The painting with the most likes wins. The first three places in each category will win valuable prizes (for which we would like to thank, Centropen and PAPÍRNY BRNO). The winners will be announced on Children’s Day (June 1, 2021) on our Facebook page and the website

The collection of paintings will be auctioned during the charity event Auction for Fenix taking place from May 20 to June 6, 2021. The event will be held on the auction portal under the auspices of the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97 and the Zezula Auction House. Pick your favorite painting and join the auction! The proceeds will go to ParaCENTRUM Fenix so it could provide physical therapy to its clients. Fenix has been helping its clients who suffered spinal cord injuries for 17 years now.

Thank you for your vote and support!

Dražba pro Fenix 2021

Auction for Fenix online this year!

The non-profit organization ParaCENTRUM Fenix is currently preparing the second annual charity auction of paintings painted by young artists. The auction aims to connect two worlds – young artists and the handicapped. Proceeds from the auction will be used to provide physical therapy to people who suffered spinal cord injuries in the past. The jury of experts (Katherine Kastner, Lucia Lettenmayerová, Denisa Kujelová, František Kinský, and Michal Horáček) selected the 70 most interesting paintings out of the 260 paintings received (from 17 primary, secondary, and art schools in Brno and other Czech regions). Due to the current epidemic situation, the auction will take place on-line from 20 May to 6 June under the auspices of the Zezula Auction House and Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97.

The first year of the auction organized by ParaCENTRUM Fenix was a success and the organization does not intend to give up on their aim to promote young artists this year either. The auction will take place this year as well – this time online. “This year is totally unprecedented. Schools were closed most of the time and that is why we appreciate even more that, despite all the obstacles, students and pupils managed to paint their paintings and donated them to ParaCENTRUM Fenix, for which we thank them very much. We believe that their artworks for a good cause will be rewarded by a well-attended online auction and its ultimate positive outcome. Proceeds will once again be used to provide services, especially physical therapy, to clients who had suffered spinal cord injuries. Physical therapy is being provided despite the epidemic situation; therefore, the financial support is particularly needed,” said the director of ParaCENTRUM Fenix Michal Odstrčil.

ParaCENTRUM Fenix received more than 260 paintings from 17 secondary, primary, and art schools based in Brno as well as other regions. The evaluation was undertaken by a five-member jury consisting of influential Czech show business figures and leading gallerists: nobleman František Kinský, Czech songwriter and music producer Michal Horáček, Czech-American gallerist Katherine Kastner – Hunt Kastner Gallery, Fait Gallery’s art director Denisa Kujelová, and founder of the private gallery COLLETT Prague | Munich, a.s. Lucia Lettenmayerová. A public contest for the most beautiful “Painting for Fenix” is also included in the project. Winners will be rewarded and published on the website The charity event Auction for Fenix will take place from 20 May to 6 June 2021 on the website under the auspices of the Auction House Zezula and Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97.

Contact us

Ivana Kovaříková, ParaCENTRUM Fenix, 734 873 207,
Alena Jankotová, 724 725 427,

Katherine Kastner

Katherine was born in the United States – her mother emigrated there from the Czech Republic to flee the communist regime. After 1989, Katherine moved to the Czech Republic and has been living in Prague for almost thirty years now. In 2005, she and Camille Hunt founded a private art gallery called Hunt Kastner that is now one of the most successful art galleries in Czechia. Its aim is to exhibit contemporary art (mainly Czech) and support both older and younger generations of artists while introducing them to the art world abroad.

Lucia Lettenmayerová

Lucia Lettenmayerová

Lucia Lettenmayerová is a board member of COLLETT Prague | Munich, a.s., a company creating collections of artworks across centuries. In 2017, she opened a private art gallery exhibiting mainly contemporary artworks by both Czech and foreign artists.

Denisa Kujelová

Denisa Kujelová

Denisa Kujelová is a theoretician and curator who founded Fait Gallery, where she has been working as art director and chief curator since 2011. She initiated several projects concerning galleries, art exhibitions, and education. She also organized several dozen exhibitions by both Czech and foreign artists, such as Milan Grygar, Jan Merta, Vladimír Kokolia, and various Czech and Slovak conceptualists.

František Kinský

František Kinský was born on December 27, 1947 in Hradec Králové as Maria František Emanuel Jan Sylvester Alfons, Count Kinsky of Vchynice and Tetov. He is a descendant of the Kostelec branch of this aristocratic family and the eldest son of Count Josef Kinsky of Vchynice and Tetov and Bernadetta Kinsky (née Merveldt). František is a family property administrator and active entrepreneur. He is the owner of the Forest Management and Administration of Kinsky Castles; Písník Kinsky that mines sand on the family-owned land; and also a co-owner of Cihelna Kinsky, a member of the Austrian Wienerberger group. He continues to invest the means earned from his businesses in further aggrandizement of the New Castle (Nový zámek, Kostelec nad Orlicí).

Michal Horáček

Thirty years of working with Petr Hapka brought about many successful musical projects (“Album of the year” and “Song of the year” nominations and six won awards). Later on, Michal Horáček won three Anděl awards for his solo projects. He made his debut as a poet with a collection of ballades Český kalendář, which became one of the most sought-after poetry works and was even published in various Czech poetry anthologies. He dedicates his life to art creation and, above all, education. He graduated from Macalester College (USA) and later successfully pursued both master’s and doctoral degree at the Faculty of Humanities at the Charles University in Prague. Currently, he is studying Art History there at the Faculty of Arts.

Sbírka obrazů pro Fenix

Paintings for Fenix

On New Year’s Day we usually look back at the previous year – this year, we are very pleased with what we see. Even though all schools were closed most of the time, their pupils and students did not forget to make their contributions. Despite the challenges of online learning, many found the time to paint beautiful paintings for our Auction for Fenix – we received 260 paintings. The authors’ ages vary from 5 to 19 and the techniques and themes are very diverse, including the most modern ones, but we will not give away any more details for now – we do not want to spoil the surprise.

Our jury of experts – František Kinský, Katherine Kastner, Michal Horáček, Lucia Lettenmayerová and Denisa Kujelová – have a difficult task ahead of them this year. In April 2021, we intend to exhibit 50-70 selected paintings in the Reduta Theatre (if the epidemic situation and government measures allow us to do so). The ceremony Auction for Fenix is scheduled to take place (same as last year) in the beautiful and unique Mozart Hall of the Reduta Theatre at the end of May 2021.

This year, 17 schools donated their paintings, and for the first time, schools outside Brno contributed as well. We even had paintings coming from Moravský Krumlov, Hodonín, Rosice, Blansko, and Chrudim. You might have already noticed promos of the paintings and participating schools on social media – we hope they captured your attention and that you will come to our auction and exhibition.

We would like to thank all the talented pupils and students who, despite the obstacles (closed schools and art shops, online teaching), did not give up and donated their beautiful paintings to ParaCENTRUM Fenix for a good cause. The proceeds from the Auction for Fenix will again be used to provide services to ParaCENTRUM Fenix clients. Let’s all hope for the best and we will see you at the Reduta Theatre before the holidays begin!
Ivana Kovaříková, Project Coordinator

Under the auspices of Mrs. Dagmar Havel

We are extremely proud that this year’s Benefit Auction for Fenix ​​will also be organized under the auspices of Mrs. Dagmar Havlová and the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VISION 97.

Obraz pro Fenix

The contest for the most beautiful “Painting for Fenix” is here again!

In September ParaCENTRUM Fenix opened the second annual picture collection. Its aim is to connect the world of art with handicapped people and to promote the work of young talented people in the city of Brno, as well as abroad. The picture will be chosen by an all-star committee – including František Kinský, Lucia Lettenmayerová, Michal Horáček, Katherine Kastner and Denisa Kujelová – Czech personalities significantly linked with contemporary art. A part of the project is the contest for the most beautiful “Picture for Fenix” and the “Auction for Fenix” with the money raised in support of ParaCENTRUM Fenix.

At the beginning of the new school year, the second annual picture collection of young talented artists was launched. Its aim is to connect the world of handicapped people with the young generation of people with artistic potential. It was Tomáš Zezula from the Zezula Auction House, a leading partner of the project, who came up with the idea to present ParaCENTRUM Fenix as a supporter of young artists and to show the world that even people with serious disability can be a driving force of society with significant cultural impact. He says that “In the world there is a great interest in the work of young talented artists, among other things, for its investment potential”. To find and select such works in the Czech Republic with the help of a contest for young artists and to round this up by an auction where the works will be assessed and bid for, and what´s more to use the sum raised for the ones who need it the most; that is a project which is truly unique. Thus, the selection, bidding and sale does not lead to profit in strictly economical terms, but has a higher purpose – to help those in need, which is phenomenal.

This year more than 400 basic and secondary schools and art schools from Bohemia and Moravia were addressed. The task is to set up a collection of paintings of the most talented young artists from the whole Czech Republic. The closing date was October 30th, 2020 when all the provided paintings were registered and prepared for assessment. An expert choice will be carried out by a five member committee comprising of significant personalities from Czech showbusiness as well as gallery curators such as Graf Franz Kinsky, Czech lyricist and producer Michal Horáček, the Hunt Kastner Gallery owner Czech-American Katherine Kastner, the artist director of the Fait Gallery Denisa Kujelová and the founder of the private gallery COLLETT Prague/Munich, a.s. Lucia Lettenmayerová. The climax of the project will be an exhibition and a charity auction together with the announcement of the public competition for the most beautiful “Picture for Fenix“. The most successful young artist will be awarded at the charity auction for Fenix. All profits from the auction will be donated to the activities of the ParaCENTRUM Fenix which has been helping people with spinal cord injury and their dear ones in and around Brno for 16 years. Due to the complicated epidemiological situation a virtual version of the exhibition will also be prepared, and it will serve to promote the works of the young artists abroad.

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