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Auction for Fenix

Paintings for Fenix

On New Year’s Day we usually look back at the previous year – this year, we are very pleased with what we see. Even though all schools were closed most of the time, their pupils and students did not forget to make their contributions. Despite the challenges of online learning, many found the time to paint beautiful paintings for our Auction for Fenix – we received 260 paintings. The authors‘ ages vary from 5 to 19 and the techniques and themes are very diverse, including the most modern ones, but we will not give away any more details for now – we do not want to spoil the surprise.

Our jury of experts – František Kinský, Katherine Kastner, Michal Horáček, Lucia Lettenmayerová and Denisa Kujelová – have a difficult task ahead of them this year. In April 2021, we intend to exhibit 50-70 selected paintings in the Reduta Theatre (if the epidemic situation and government measures allow us to do so). The ceremony Auction for Fenix is scheduled to take place (same as last year) in the beautiful and unique Mozart Hall of the Reduta Theatre at the end of May 2021.

This year, 17 schools donated their paintings, and for the first time, schools outside Brno contributed as well. We even had paintings coming from Moravský Krumlov, Hodonín, Rosice, Blansko, and Chrudim. You might have already noticed promos of the paintings and participating schools on social media – we hope they captured your attention and that you will come to our auction and exhibition.

We would like to thank all the talented pupils and students who, despite the obstacles (closed schools and art shops, online teaching), did not give up and donated their beautiful paintings to ParaCENTRUM Fenix for a good cause. The proceeds from the Auction for Fenix will again be used to provide services to ParaCENTRUM Fenix clients. Let’s all hope for the best and we will see you at the Reduta Theatre before the holidays begin!
Ivana Kovaříková, Project Coordinator